Boing Boing 看到的「How DRM will harm the developing world」中提到了一個重點:

Because DRM is based on “security through obscurity” — that is, in hiding from a user the way that it works — it is inevitably broken in short order and the materials that it covers are put on the Internet where anyone can download them.

DRM 是基於「使用者不知道他怎麼運作」而形成的保護,但在電腦上你一定可以利用 reverse engineering 的方式 (不論是否這個過程合法) 直接看 assembly code,然後在無失真的情況下反解出 non-DRM 的 music。

事實上,已經有人寫出 iTunes Music Store 的 de-DRM 軟體:Hear Your Music aNywhere

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