Flickr 從加拿大搬到加州

上公告了 將從加拿大搬到美國:

Data moving from Canada to U.S. Very Soon!

The Flickr team has up and moved this week to Californ-I-A and have been singing Beach Boys songs non-stop since arrival. And you’re moving too! We are moving each and every pixel, bit and byte, all your data, lock stock and barrel, from our humble server shack in Canada to our new server palace in the U.S. Of A! This process will begin during the week of June 28 and will result in speediness, stableness and happiness. We can answer any questions in the FlickrHelp topic.

Thank you, Flickreebies, for making Flickr such a wonderful place to share,connect and befriend. We love you! (in an entirely non-creepy way).

The Flickroobie

希望真的會比較穩 :p (啊啊,我又想到某站了)

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