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Boing Boing 看到 A-Team (台視譯為「天龍特攻隊」) 的照片 :p

仔細看了一下「Maybe you can hire the A-Team」以及原來的網頁「Finding The A-team: A Stuffo Experiment」這篇…

I’m looking for a crew of approximately four — a pilot, a veteran with leadership qualities, a bouncer-type who knows his way around a welding torch, and a face-man. Crack commando experience a plus. Own van and car a plus. Access to cropduster a definite plus.

原來是有位記者的朋友被綁架,想要顧用一些人,結果有人回她你需要找的是 A-Team,結果他好像很認真 o_o

Yay, he got it. And so the flood began. Some people got the reference, some didn’t. Some replied in jest, others were frighteningly serious. Lesson learned — if you are going to crack open a musty can of A-team, it’s important to stand back and let the fumes dissipate for a while before proceeding.

微軟的 Anti-spyware 願意賠償 bug 所造成的損失?

Slashdot 報導「Microsoft Will Pay If Its Bugs Damage Your Data」,不過原來在 CNet 的標題更機車:「Microsoft offers $5 windfall for errant software」XD


According to the AntiSpyware Beta end-user license agreement (EULA), Microsoft will reimburse direct damages up to $5 for problems associated with the new downloadable tool that wards off spyware, adware and any other “potentially unwanted software.”

只有 AntiSpyware,歸類到 Joke 去 -_-

這讓我想到「每當機一次就賠 USD$1」的笑話 :P