Firefox Users Bad For Advertisers

Slashdot 看到的消息:Firefox Users Bad For Advertisers,這是從 Firefox users ignore online ads, report says 轉過來的消息。

依據德國的 AdtechFirefox 使用者只有 0.11% 的機會 (平均 11 clicks/10000 views) 會去 click 廣告,而 IE 5.5 可以達到 0.53%,IE 6.0 則是 0.44%。不過 Firefox 的 Contributor David Hallowell 說:

this trend may have emerged because nontechnical Web surfers, who tend to be IE users, are more likely to click on pop-up ads by mistake, because they think the ad is a system dialog box.

換句話說,David Hallowell 認為是因為 block popup ads 的關係 (假裝成 Dialog Box) 造成 user 誤點,這點我能同意,不過下面他說的這段我就覺得是… (見仁見智? :p)

Firefox users may be more likely to click on targeted ads, rather than other types. “Most people I know are more happy with Google‘s targeted ads–they don’t like big banner ads that are totally unrelated to what they’re looking for,”