New York Times Magazine

Slashdot 上面的 The Year In Ideas,由於這樣寫:

No_Weak_Heart writes “The New York Times Magazine (registration required) presents …

由於需要註冊,結果在下面引起了相當大的反感 XD (到後面本文反而沒人要討論了)

What’s obviously missing is not having to register at nytimes! Come on guys, how hard of a concept is that?


I think Editors of Slashdot should not post stories that link to “must register” sites. A like to Google cache should be used instead.

然後就有人說不需要帳號 login 就可以看的方法 (很適合放在 Weblog 上):

Here’s the New York Times link generator []. Enter a regular URL and it returns a permanent, no-registration needed link. It’s very handy, but certain sections are not supported.

加減用吧 XD