the HOARD memory allocator,神秘的東西:

Hoard is a fast, scalable and memory-efficient allocator for multiprocessors. Hoard solves the heap contention problem caused when multiple threads call dynamic memory allocation functions like malloc() and free() (or new and delete). Hoard can dramatically improve the performance of multithreaded programs running on multiprocessors.

ports 裡面有看到,不過依照 Makefile 裡面的寫法,目前只能在 FreeBSD 5.1 之後的版本安裝使用,也許有興趣的人可以跑看看,方法還蠻簡單的,用 LD_PRELOAD 跑就可以了,也許應該建議 wretch album 以及 pixnetMySQL 用看看?