“orz” on Boing Boing

從床上爬起來看 bloglines 就看到 Boing Boing 報導 “orz”:All about Orz,看起來是 zonble 提供的 XD

Boing Boing reader Weizhong Yang in Taipei, Taiwan sends us the following. It’s longer than we usually post in entirety on Boing Boing, but it’s fascinating — and not available elsewhere in English. Weizhong says:


In Taiwan, the “orz” subculture is combined with another “Nice Guys” (?? Hao-Ren) subculture. “Nice guys” refers to the boys rejected or denied by the girls, because girls often deny the boys by saying politely: “You are a nice guy, you must can find another girl who loves you and she is better than me. I am so sorry”.