Boing Boing 看到「How much crap is in your P2P app?」提到 EULA 的長度:

eDonkey’s EULAs fill 90 on-screen pages.

iMesh’s EULA is 56 on-screen pages. (I assume this is the version of iMesh from before they shut down). v Kazaa’s EULA fills 182 on-screen pages. The app writes 845 registry keys upon installation.

Morpheus shows you 44 on-screen pages of EULA for its bundle-ware, DirectRevenue.

LimeWire has no EULA and no bundle-ware. If you already have the Java Runtime Environment installed, it also has the smallest install footprint of any of the apps (cuz it’s a Java application).

咦,我應該去看看我們家 KKMan 有多長 XD

One thought on “EULA”

  1. 弄個 EULA 的確有好處啊, 某些情況下讓人行事有所依據.
    像是敝 MUD 總是會有人來鬧來亂的, 自從有 EULA 而且是在註冊新角色的時候強迫收看且輸入 yes 才能繼續之後, 現在砍來鬧的一點也不手軟啊… :D

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