同樣的新聞,都是在講 這個 domain 的爭奪戰:

我本來認為英國的法院相當無理 (在「」這篇文章),是因為我認為在商標 (iTunes) 根本就還沒被的 domain 不應該被強制易主。

如同 的例子,已經在使用這個 domain,不願意轉讓。

但在 的報導中提到的嘴臉就是網路蟑螂的樣子:

Apple offered to buy the domain name for $5,000 late last year, but Cohen responded he would only be willing to sell for 50,000 pounds ($94,000). Following several weeks of informal mediation that failed to resolve the dispute, a Nominet expert was appointed to rule on ownership of the domain name.


Late last year, Cohen tried to sell the domain name to Apple’s online music rival Napster. Although Napster declined the offer, for a brief period in November, redirected its visitors to