Windows 上 IPv6 ssh client – PuTTY 0.58

看到 這個有名的 ssh client 出 0.58 了,包括:

PuTTY now supports IPv6, xterm 256-color control sequences, wildcards and recursive file transfer in PSFTP, and keepalives in all operating systems. A number of small bugs were fixed, security was improved for SSH2, and port forwarding can now be reconfigured mid-session.

IPv6 support!

不過走 6to4 Gateway 看起來很慘啊,國內好像沒人放 (中央研究院計算中心的不通,不知道是不是我設定錯誤) 6to4 Gateway:

倒是走 2002:: 互跳比較快:(廢話)

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