Yahoo! 奇摩拍賣禁止販售 Open Source Software 及 Free Software

看到「真的還假的?禁止銷售自由軟體?」,去 上一看就看到這篇公告:公告:禁止刊登自由軟體或開放原始碼軟體


我明天來寫英文版的放到 gslin.blogsome.com好了,還是有誰要先寫,然後報導到 上面的?

5 thoughts on “Yahoo! 奇摩拍賣禁止販售 Open Source Software 及 Free Software”

  1. 大概是因為自由軟體的授權模式太多又太雜的關係吧,像Firefox的MPL,還有那隻火狐的圖案也是有著作權的。

  2. 順手翻譯了一下。

    Dear Yahoo! Bid User:

    You are not allowed to sell the compact disks which contain free softwares or Open Source softwares burn or copied by yourself. We want to remind you that please do not post upload and list such items, or they might be deleted by the system administrator. Please refer ‘Yahoo! Kimo Bid Policy and Rules » Disallowed Items » Illegal Items which Infringe Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents’.

    We hope you may know that free softwares and Open Source softwares still hold their copyright, the copyright owners uses different licenses about how users use and distribute these softwares. Therefore though people could use them, it does not means that they can sell these softwares, Yahoo! Kimo disallow users to sell compact disks (or any other medium) which contain such softwares in order to avoid controversies.

    The system administrators will delete such items, we will not return the fee asked while uploading and listing these items. If it disturbs you, we hope you can understand why we have to do this.

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