的一篇文章裡提到:VoIP Isn’t an Application

我想大家忽略了 VOIP 只是一種傳輸聲音的工具,僅此而已。

One thing that I think is lost is that VOIP is simply a transport mechanism, an end to a means. The real power is the applications, not the transport.

這就如同 TCP/IP 使得電腦之間通訊變的容易,但實際上是 Website 讓 Internet 發展成現今的樣子。

Although TCP/IP made communicating between machines easier it was the websites that were built on top of that protocol that built the Internet we enjoy today (dancing hamsters and all).

所以,當你讀到 VOIP 有多美好時,打開你的心胸,思考各種可能,而不是只專注在… (翻不出味道來,不翻了)

So when you’re reading about VOIP and all the wonderfulness, open your mind to the possibilities it affords, not just in free long distance but in truly converged communications.