CenterICQ 4.20.0

CenterICQ 這次從 4.12.0 一口氣版本號碼就跳到 4.20.0,看了一下這次的 log (作者 Konstantin Klyagin 寄到 mailing list 上的信),不知道這次是為什麼跳這麼大,是因為 13 的關係嗎?:p

PGP encryption support was implemented for the Jabber module. In a nutshell this means that with a proper setup your communications get a way more secure. GPGME library is needed to build the PGP support.

Fixed the RTF parser that takes charge when a message from a Windows ICQ client is received. One problem was that it used to treat backspace characters wrong sometimes. Another problem with utf-16 was fixed with a patch submitted by Vadim Nosovsky.

After ICQ dual login detection centericq used to try re-connecting, though it wasn’t supposed to. Fixed.

During a long time noone reported me the bug related to libicq2000’s header files getting installed each time “make install” was run for centericq. Finally Wolfram Schlich noted this one, so I fixed it.

Logging on Yahoo! didn’t work on Sun Sparc machines. Fixed that. That might also revive Gadu-Gadu on bigendian architectures.

A couple of interface related bugs were fixed, such as a mistake in the group organization dialog as well as not clearing pending messages for contacts in non-chat communication mode.