The Typo Millionaires

Slashdot 看到一則新聞:The Typo Millionaires,其中一段提到打錯 url 形成的產業:

Studies estimate that 10-20% of all hand-entered URLs are mistyped, adding up to at least 20 million wrong numbers per day, helping to enrich the likes of porn purveyors, ISP’s, Paxfire, Microsoft and VeriSign.

相當令人莞爾 :p

我解釋一下,有很多色情網站,或是網路蟑螂會註冊跟某些熱門網站很像的 domain,所以就會產生正牌網站也註冊一卡車 domain 的情況:像是 仍然會連到 Google

Paxfire 我並不熟,但是我剛剛查到的內容是這樣寫的:

Paxfire Inc. has developed a proven, patent-pending technology for ISPs called “HotWords” to perform address-bar searches and mistypes at the network level. HotWords enables ISPs to capture keywords (e.g. cars, books, etc.) and typos made by subscribers without the need for any desktop plug-in or other client-side software. A user can type a keyword or any mistyped domain name directly into the browser bar and get a search result with sponsored links. When a user clicks on one of those links, the ISP then gets a share of that revenue.

看起來像是 Layer 7 filter 或是 transparent proxy 的技術過濾後 redirect 到他想要的網站。

Microsoft 則是在 IE 找不到網站時自動導到 MSN Search 去尋找。

VeriSign 則是在 2003 年搞了 Verisign’s Wildcard Service (這是 ICANN 的紀錄) 將所有 .com 及 .net 不存在的 record 利用 DNS wildcard 的方式導到 Verisign 的某個 page,而引起所有人的反感。