time.nist.gov port 78 有趣的東西

提到在 time.nist.gov 的 port 78 上面有奇怪的東西:Coded messages on US govt timeserver’s nonstandard port,還猜測是 提供 publickey 給間諜的方式?XD (雖然不是很像 :p)

“In particular, the second number of the second groupings appears simply to be a second count, though what the rest of the numbers mean is unclear. It’s possible that the CIA is sending encryption keys to its spies this way, but it seems unlikely. A few of the numbers in the first grouping barely change at all over repeated pings, which would make it extremely poor key material generator.”

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  1. Time Server Performance Data

    “The finger daemon, which is used to provide status information on our systems. Our version of the daemon provides a quick snapshot of the performance of the most critical parts of the algorithm. Unlike the standard finger daemon, it accepts no input and cannot be used to find out anything about the system beyond the default status report.”

  2. okay,Boing Boing 給了更完整的解釋了,有興趣的人可以自己去看原 link 下面的 “Update”。

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