看到這個「非常有名」的 Domain Name 判決 ruling upheld by Court of Appeals

原因起於 1994 年 Gary Kremen 註冊了,而 Stephen Cohen 故意假造信件要求 要求 Transfer:

Kremen, of San Francisco, originally registered the name in 1994. But Cohen, an ex-convict, took the name from Kremen the following year by sending a forged letter of transfer to Network Solutions (which subsequently became part of VeriSign).

然後 Stephen Cohen 到 2000 年十一月前利用這個騙來的 domain 架設色情網站獲取暴利:

Cohen then ran a highly profitable porn portal until November 2000 when a court awarded Kremen the return of the domain name.


Cohen has paid nothing to Kremen, and Kremen says that a warrant is out for his arrest. But according to the fascinating article by USA Today, Cohen is now in Europe, making what he describes as a “very comfortable living” in the European casino and construction industries.

另外 也因此被告:

Kremen also sued VeriSign for the initial blunder, a case that settled last year with the company paying Kremen an undisclosed sum.