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一開始寫了這篇:Digital photo space gets even hotter with CNET’s latest acquisition,指出了 併購了 ,而 旗下的 也成為 家族的一員,與 s 合併,並指出 不夠看 :P

It’s joining . Now, don’t know about Webshots? I didn’t either until recently. But Webshots has 23 million members (Flickr has less than a million). and they get 750,000 uploads a day. More uploads in five days than Flickr has had in all of its existence. And HeyPix’s team is going to add on some killer new technology to Webshots, James tells me. (He showed me his app at a geek dinner earlier in the year and we’ve kept in touch since then).

不過 Webshots vs. Flickr? 這篇文章指出了 成長的比 快多了,並給了兩張圖,第一張是 Blog 使用 或是 的量:

很明顯看得出來 在 blog world 裡面並沒有 受到歡迎。

第二張是在 的排名:

可以看得出來 的成長。

我用了一下 ,有很多問題:

  • 不支援 UTF-8 (我看了一下,是 ISO-8859-1),於是我上傳的註解都必須用英文寫…
  • 免費帳號只能上傳 240 張 (努力傳滿 XD),與 是限制每個月只能上傳 10MB 不同。
  • 每個 album 只能上傳 100 張, 不知道有沒有這個限制。
  • 的頁面沒有廣告,上傳人可以在照片上加註解 (Add Note),而且所有的人都可以加 comments。
  • 最重要的是 有 Open API 給大家惡搞…


As for why Flickr is growing so much faster than any other photo sharing service on the Web, I’m not the most qualified person to answer that… but I’m fairly sure it goes back to something I wrote a couple of weeks ago:

Open API Web services + open data repositories = Web ecosystems

Flickr is an ecosystem. Is Webshots? Is Ofoto? Is Shutterfly?

PS:有興趣看看 效果的人,可以到 http://client.webshots.com/user/gslinn 看。

5 thoughts on “Webshots 與 Flickr”

  1. Flickr got tagging but webshots doesnt.

    Flickr is creative and fun but not webshots.

    However I believe Webshots is more popular because it is simple and boring, thats what common people need. I noticed not many people wanna spend few minutes to find out what tagging is.

  2. flickr 免費帳號最多只能顯示 100 張圖片, 但是沒有顯示出來的 URL 還能夠使用

  3. littleoslo,Flickr 與 Webshots 很明顯的兩者走向不同的族群,我帶有技術背景,我會抱怨這些東西 :) 對一般使用者最大的差異應該只有 Webshots 使用 ISO-8859-1 而不能自由的輸入各種語言。

    另外我有注意到 Webhosts 有提供沖印的服務,Flickr 似乎還沒看到 :) 也許像 Pixnet 的做法一樣,如果是 CC 放出來然後提供其他人沖印,我覺得是一種走向 (至於能不能賺錢就不知道了 XD)

  4. When I try to promote to my friends to use Flickr, they all say, oh yes it is fun but there are so many photo hosting online, so they dun bother to learn.

    As they ask me, whats that Yahoo 360? Oh no, I got friendster, I dun need.

    We got too much info flowing in to our life and it takes time. :-)

    Yes , they do target on different group though.

    btw love ur blog, got most of the news i like to know, thank you.

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