Firefox 的 Greasemonkey 所產生的效應

的「Greasemonkey and Advertising on the Web」引用了 在「TiVo for the Web」的說法:

Now, this is nothing new to the folks on the digital cutting edge, but it’s time for the media industry to take note because this force is slowly gaining mainstream attention and it is likely to once again change the balance of power between content providers and consumers. And it’s not limited to Firefox. One developer has come up with similar scripts for Internet Explorer.

換句話說, 利用 Script 使得網站發行人與讀者的立足點一樣了,但有人認為這樣會傷害到現有的環境 (利用廣告讓網站得到收益),但我認為使用者不需要考慮到這點,而是讓市場自己去適應。