被列入 MAPS (Mail Abuse Prevention Systems):AOL lands on spam blacklist,起因是因為有幾個 spam site 透過 AOL 的 outbound SMTP server 送廣告信:(當然,這些 spam site 是 的客戶)

The action by MAPS appears to have been prompted in part by several spam runs somehow relayed through AOL’s mailservers on behalf of a pill site named

不過在最後面的 Update 提到 MAPS 似乎拿掉了 的 outbound SMTP server,不知道是因為 AOL 解決問題還是 MAPS 決定給 更多時間反應:

UPDATE: Looks like MAPS changed its mind. As of Tuesday afternoon ET (GMT -4:00), AOL’s listing at the MAPS site is gone, and a lookup shows AOL’s mail servers no longer seem to be on the MAPS RBL list. No word yet on whether AOL resolved the spam problems, or if MAPS just decided to give AOL more time.