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TWNIC member Spam 的行為

自從我在 Ching’s Weblog 敬.網.誌 留言過後,我固定一陣子就會收到該 blog 的更新紀錄,我受不了這類未經同意就 spam 的行為,所以我做了兩件事情:

  • 回報到 ,將 視為 Spam Source。
  • 以 e-mail 通知 chiao (Spammer), abuse (RFC), snw (DNS SOA RR) @,停止 spam 行為。

Dear sir,

That I post comment on your blog with my email address DOES NOT mean I
authorize you using my email to notify the update of your blog.


On Thu, Jul 07, 2005 at 06:05:07PM +0800, Ching Chiao wrote:
> ===Update from Ching’s Weblog===
> Date: 2005.07.07
> ==========================

如果您也認為這是 Spam,我鼓勵您向以上三個 e-mail address 反應,並透過 通報這封信件為 Spam,我在「」有寫過如何使用


上的 Study Finds Value in Email Spam 這篇文章是說,研究員找了大約 2100 個加拿大人,分成兩組,其中一組每個禮拜都會收到「減肥對於身體健康好處」的廣告信,而另外一組則不會收到。在進行了十二個禮拜後,收廣告的那組 BMI (Body Mass Index) 平均值降低了。


所以下面的 comment 寫的很諷刺,直接挑明了這篇垃圾論文只是在混淆視聽:(我只引用了前半段)

So obvious! (Score:5, Funny)
by Anonymous Coward on Monday July 04, @07:43PM (#12981964)
You know what else is good?

If you have a fat wife or fat children, you should tell them they’re fat several times a day. And tell them they need to lose weight. And do it in front of company when people visit. And when they’re at the dinner table, tell them they don’t need seconds when they reach for something, because they’re fat.

And tell your daughter she’s ugly, so she’ll do something about her face and maybe get some cosmetic surgery. And tell your son how stupid he is every chance you get so he’ll be compelled to be an educated man.

PS:突然想到要提醒某人, 的精華一向都是在後面的那堆 comments 裡…