Bram Cohen 在 1999 寫的網頁惹禍?

這篇 Bittorrent Creator A Digital Pirate? 相當… 有趣 :p

在前幾天 敗訴後,軟體創作的「動機」變成很重要的一環:如果你創作這個軟體是為了非法的用途,那麼…

而有人透過 這個邪惡的網頁歷史網站發現當初 網頁的某個 page (A technological activist’s agenda) 這樣寫:

I further my goals with technology. I build systems to disseminate information, commit digital piracy, synthesize drugs, maintain untrusted contacts, purchase anonymously, and secure machines and homes. I release my code and writings freely, and publish all of my ideas early to make them unpatentable.

前幾天 在 Wired 上辯稱:(BitTorrent Whiz Extolled Piracy?)

Cohen said the agenda was written years before he started work on BitTorrent, and that it was written as a parody of other manifestos.

“I wrote that in 1999, and I didn’t even start working on BitTorrent until 2001,” Cohen said. “I find it really unpleasant that I even have to worry about it.”

至於事情到底是怎樣,其實大家心裡都有底 :p