Diablo II 將在 8/8 重設天梯

的官方網站 公布消息了,將在 8/8 重設天梯:(於是 Ptt 的 Diablo 板又開始暴動了,而 soj 與百毒又要漲價了 :p)

Diablo 2: Ladder Reset Announced!
XG3 on August 4, 2005
Right on the heels of our new Patch 1.11 comes the next great Ladder season for Diablo 2. Got what it takes to be the first to climb to the top of the Ladder? Hardcore players ready to be number 1 and stay on top? The new Ladder season for Diablo 2 will commence, starting this Monday, August 8th.

The current season will not end til the weekend is over, so get out there and clash blades with Diablo, Mephisto and Baal before it all ends!

For more information on the Diablo 2 Ladder, check out our D2 FAQ.