P2P 在澳洲造成的影響

當澳洲的電視台老是晚了好幾個月 (平均八個月!) 才上映知名的節目,而語言又不是障礙時:Aussie TV Networks Fight BitTorrent ()、Impatient TV viewers turn to BitTorrent ()。


Alex Malik, a former general counsel for the Australian Recording Industry Association, generated the report. Malik believes that by delaying the broadcast of these programs, Australian TV programmers have increased the domestic demand for the shows. “As a result, impatient viewers have increasingly turned to BitTorrent to download their favorite shows,” he said.

所謂的自食惡果 :p

4 thoughts on “P2P 在澳洲造成的影響”

  1. 身為一個美式影集愛好者,在台灣這個連撥出的”可能性”都沒有的地方.
    相同的情況,當然一樣會發生. (我的Stargate:SG-1,West Wing,BSG 2003阿阿阿….)

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