Firefox 簡單的設計

( 的發展者之一) Simplicity is the best feature 在他的 blog 上提到 Erin Joyce 認為 出來的時候能夠對市場產生衝擊,但是他認為 成功的原因之一是:

My mom doesn’t want tiling. Or cascading. Or panels. She just wants a simple way to keep multiple sites open, and it’s because Firefox provides only that—without all the confusing bells and whistles—that she finds it so appealing.

對不喜歡複雜功能的人,簡單夠用就好。而對於想要玩得更深入的人,有 extension 可以配合!

在他的 blog 上提到上面這件事情,不過他的想法有時候想法很奇怪,像是這篇舉了一個反例:Firefox developer urges other developers to create simpler designs

That’s a great way (指 simpler design 這件事) to judge software, but I find that I also have to factor in how useful a piece of software is too. One of my favorite pieces of software, for instance, is Adobe Illustrator. No one would call that simple. But it lets graphic designers create all sorts of wild things.

是希望一般的大眾去用,而 則是針對特地族群,整個發展的立足點不一樣,拿出來比較實在是…

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