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以 Technorati 對 Yahoo! 及 Google 的比較

Yahoo Search vs. Google and Technorati: Link Counts and Analysis 這篇文章裡面提到了 所寫的文章:Technorati Yahoo and Google Too,文章裡面以 的 Top 100 Blog 對 (這邊指的是 ) 與 做比較。

PS:題外話,Yahoo blogger responds to comparison to Google and Technorati 居然問 如何… 你家 是個渣啊 XD

Yahoo! News 找人

的 blog 上看到 找人的消息:LAMP Engineer Needed for new Yahoo! site…

不過我相信他列出來的清單跟 上面要求的等級是完全不一樣的 :p

We’re looking for smart engineers who can express ideas clearly in written and spoken communication. Knowledge of HTTP, XML, XSLT, Apache, web services, HTML, PHP, Perl, UNIX systems, and MySQL are required. A BSCS/MSCS and at least 5 years of experience with large scale, fault-tolerant systems is also required.

Yahoo! 買下

當初 在 5/13 被買下時 ( to be sold, user data to be transferred) 並沒有透露買主是誰,結果一個月後答案揭曉了:welcome yahoo

的 blog 上也提到這件事情:Yahoo! and

相較於 自己硬幹了 XML 要求使用者更新, 利用現有的 ping service (也就是購買 ) 看起來優雅的多?

Anyway,很高興是 買下 ,這家老公司的動作看起來一點都不老啊 :p

惡搞 Google Adsense

Google Will Eat Itself 這篇文章裡面提到了這個 GWEI (Google Will Eat Itself) 這個 site:

This project, as I understand it, is a meditation on the economics of Google. The angle:

We generate money by serving Google text advertisments on our website With this money we automatically buy Google shares via our Swiss e-banking account. We buy Google via their own advertisment! Google eats itself – but in the end we will own it!

換句話說,這個 fake site 用 賺來的錢,去買 Google 的股票… (用力惡搞的 site)

Update:是股票 -_-