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Nokia 手機爆炸

The Register 的新聞「Nokia sued over ‘exploding phone’」:

Prasit Sriseeluang, 50 – who had his handset tucked in his shirt pocket at the time of the accident – was working near a high-voltage power pole when his phone rang. The handset then exploded, causing serious injuries to the welder.

大意是有個泰國男子將 Nokia 將手機放褲袋,結果響鈴的時候爆炸,結果需要截肢,而 Nokia 則認為是電池的問題。


脫褲子放屁 XD

這是我看到「IP over VoIP, Anyone?」這篇文章標題後的第一個感想 XD

不過仔細看才發現原來是因為 UK Wi-Fi 對於 Skype 不收費,於是就想要透過 VoIP 傳 IP data?

UK Wi-Fi hotspot users are being offered free Skype calls. “Broadreach hopes that after making free Voice over Wi-Fi calls consumers will be more likely to pay to check their email or surf the web at its hot spots.”

果然,幹壞事是進步最大的原動力 :p